Navy Federal Business Credit Card Advantages: Detailed Review

Navy Federal Credit Union provides and issues Navy Federal business credit cards which is beneficial for the small businesses. There are no annual fees charged for this kind of credit card. But for your foreign transactions, there is a 1% fee. Furthermore, there are conditions for these fees. This kind of credit card is designed and issued for small businesses.

Information about Navy Federal business credit card advantages

Before you get a Navy Federal business credit card, get this information about this credit card, so that you can decide wisely to get a perfect scheme. 

APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

APR ranges for Navy Federal business credit cards depend on your purchases. The range starts from 5.9% to 18%. So there is no particular range fixed but depends on your purchase transactions. 

Fraud monitoring

This is a very important benefit of having a Navy Federal credit card as it reports to the credit bureau as the safety against frauds. And along with you will have other important facilities like identity theft protection. 

Minimum credit score

For the fair credit, your credit score should be 650 or above. 

Annual fees

You can have a good reward scheme for your small business. But for these services and benefits, you don’t need to pay any annual fees. 

Navy Federal Business Credit Card Advantages: Detailed Review

How will you apply for the business credit card?

To apply for the Navy Federal business credit card, you need to provide detailed required information by filling the form sincerely. There may also be chances your application gets rejected. But don’t worry there may be some reason about the details you have provided through the application form. You can apply again with all your accurate information that is required by the bank. 

As you become the credit card holder of the Navy Federal Credit Union business credit card, the best services are promised by the bank and you can enjoy all your schemes of reward points and the other facilities that come along with your business credit card.

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